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E-Biking: The Fountain of Youth

Photo courtesy Blix Bikes.

Photo courtesy Blix Bikes.

More and more people every day are discovering how electric bicycles (also called e-bikes or pedal-assist bikes) can powerfully impact their lives. We at Epicenter especially love how electric bikes make an active lifestyle accessible to those who otherwise may lead sedentary lives. This includes folks who begin to experience physical (and subsequently mental) barriers as they age, making it difficult or even impossible to ride a traditional bike.


It’s no secret that being physically fit is very important no matter what your age. Regular exercise can prevent or significantly reduce risks of obesity, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and dementia, including Alzheimer’s. Routine exercise can slow the aging process, boost the immune system, improve balance and flexibility, keep muscles toned and the heart strong, and much more.

However, as we age, engaging in regular exercise can be a challenge due to physical issues such as arthritis, sore knees, longer recovery periods from surgery or illness, and other factors. Getting outdoors for some much-needed movement can become more of a chore than an enjoyable activity, and many older people find themselves procrastinating day after day. Although exercise is known to be a natural mood-enhancer due to the endorphins raised during activity, that’s no help to people who feel especially intimidated by exercise.

If you can relate to feelings of discouragement and frustration, an electric bike is just the thing for you. Say hello to fun exercise that you’ll look forward to!


Electric bicycles employ a technology called “pedal assist” via a motor that gives you a slight “push” feeling as you begin to pedal. Yes, you do pedal an e-bike — this is not a scooter or moped — but YOU get to control how much assistance you want to use, i.e. how much effort you want to put into pedaling. Exercise does not have to be difficult and heart-pounding to reap the rewards. Go at your own pace and intensity and let the endorphins work their magic. We bet you’ll find that pedaling an electric bike is so fun and accessible, you can’t wait to get out for your regular ride. Therefore, you’ll be riding longer and farther, getting more exercise!

There are many different types of electric bicycles, including those designed for getting around town and those for exploring dirt roads and trails. Smile as you climb that once-intimidating hill. Enjoy quality time with your spouse/family. Watch your social life improve as you say “yes” to mixed-level group rides, having the confidence to keep up with friends. Rekindle your passion for the outdoors as you navigate your local singletrack trail system. You may even love getting around by e-bike so much that you’ll want to ditch your car!


Many electric bike models come equipped with (or can be accessorized with) baskets, panniers, or racks which make them ideal for shopping, beach days, and picnics. There are even electric cargo bikes for hauling more items. Some models are designed with a step-through frame; ideal if you have flexibility challenges or other physical issues as they are especially easy to mount.


Are YOU ready to give an electric bike a try and recapture your youth? Discover for yourself how pedal-assist technology makes it possible to commit to a pain-free and FUN exercise regimen … for a longer, happier, healthier life well into the golden years and beyond.

Learn about the most popular e-bike models we carry here, and come by for your free test ride today!

Photo courtesy Blix Bikes.

Photo courtesy Blix Bikes.