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Introducing Bontrager WaveCel: Revolutionary Helmet Technology


Trek / Bontrager just unveiled a groundbreaking helmet technology called WaveCel. This revolutionary material is proven to be up to 48x more effective than standard EPS foam at preventing concussions from common cycling accidents.* This is a major milestone in cycling history that will change our industry and make helmets better for all riders.

Standard foam helmets are designed to protect against direct impacts. But WaveCel accounts for how most cycling accidents actually happen: ungracefully, with twists, turns, and angled impacts. On impact, WaveCel's collapsible cellular material absorbs energy in multiple ways and then disperses it in a remarkably effective way.

WaveCel helmets are initially being offered in four models. Choose between MTB, road and commuter options; all offering a range of colors.

What is WaveCel?

WaveCel is a collapsible cellular material that lines the inside of Bontrager helmets. 

It is the result of a four-year partnership between Trek’s Research & Design teams, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Steve Madey, and biomechanical engineer Dr. Michael Bottlang. Drs Madey and Bottlang have collaborated for the past 25 years and pioneered advances in fracture care, thoracic and pelvic trauma, and head injury prevention. They are funded by grants from the National Institute of Health to help prevent traumatic brain injuries amongst cyclists.

How does it work?

WaveCel absorbs energy in multiple ways. On impact, the layers of the WaveCel material move independently and flex until the cell walls crumple and then glide, actively absorbing direct and rotational energy and redirecting it away from your head.  

This three-step change in material structure—flex, crumple, glide—is remarkably effective at dispersing the energy from an impact. Nearly 99 out of 100 times, WaveCel prevents concussions from common cycling accidents.*

What type of WaveCel helmets are currently available?

WaveCel is a major innovation in an aftermarket category that has remained largely unchanged in 30 years, one that underscores Trek's commitment to making cycling safer for every rider. 

Bontrager WaveCel helmets are initially being offered in four models (with more to come!):

XXX WaveCel Road Helmet.jpeg

Bontrager XXX WaveCel Road Helmet

An aerodynamic road bike helmet with advanced WaveCel technology for the best in protection and performance. White Gloss, Black Matte, Azure/Black Matte, Red Gloss, or Radioactive Yellow/Black Matte.

Blaze WaveCel MTB Helmet.jpeg

Bontrager Blaze WaveCel MTB Helmet

A trail-tested mountain bike helmet with advanced WaveCel technology for comfort and protection on any trail, any time. Black, Slate, Roarange, or Miami Green.

Specter WaveCel Road Helmet.jpeg

Bontrager Specter WaveCel Road Helmet

A lightweight, breathable cycling helmet for all types of riding with the advanced protection of WaveCel technology. Radioactive Yellow Gloss, Black Gloss, Vice Pink Gloss, Viper Red Gloss, or White Gloss.

Charge WaveCel Commuter Helmet.jpeg

Bontrager Charge WaveCel Commuter Helmet

An e-bike approved commuter helmet with great fit and feel and the advanced protection of WaveCel technology. Black Matte, Battleship Blue Matte, Era White/Black Matte, or Radioactive Yellow/Black Matte.

For more information visit trekbikes.com/WaveCel or just swing by either of our convenient locations in Santa Cruz and Aptos for the lowdown!

*Results based on AIS 2 Injury (BriC) at 6.2 m/s test at 45° comparing a standard EPS Helmet and the same helmet modified with WaveCel insert as described in detail in Comparison of Bicycle Helmet Technologies in Realistic Oblique Impacts.