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Those New Year Resolutions

However you are prone to feel about New Year resolutions, make one about bikes. What is one pragmatic commitment you can make? Need inspiration? Read on for some ways Epicenter Cycling can help you live your best cycling lifestyle!

By Mallory Mae

I always had a little prejudice against New Year resolutions. “Time is a human construct,” I would obnoxiously lament. After all, one of my favorite adventurers — Edward Abbey — once said, “We are preoccupied with time.”

But as we close one book of twelve chapters and open a new, I've resolved to have a new outlook on resolutions. Resolutions are a diligent praxis following self-reflection.

Praxis is the act of putting theory to practice. Humans constructed time because our brains seek out patterns and thrive on structure. The “end” of something gives us a moment for pause: we think of successes, tribulations, accomplishments and loss.

Not to be overstated, but bikes change lives. As a kid it’s your ride — the vehicle that gets you to school and recreational activities. As one comes of age, the bicycle becomes an agent of adventure that maintains the vibrant spirit of the inner child. This phenomenon keeps us vivacious and thirsty as we wade the ups and downs of adulthood responsibilities. With low dividends of time we forget to prioritize the things that maintain our mental, emotional, and physical health.

I propose a challenge: However you are prone to feel about New Year resolutions, make one about bikes. What is one pragmatic commitment you can make? Need inspiration? Read on for some ways Epicenter Cycling can help you live your best cycling lifestyle!

Some New Year resolution ideas

• Re-discover bikes: You used to love biking but physical issues now make pedaling difficult? Come try an electric bicycle. It’s a fact that bikes can help you maintain your musculoskeletal health. For example, if you struggle with tight hips or lower back pain, light pedaling helps to stretch those muscles, improving flexibility. E-bikes make for just that, light pedaling, while giving you the experience of outdoor adventure!

• Inject some adventure: Catch a ride on the Epicenter Shuttle up to Soquel Demonstration State Forest for an epic adventure riding world class mountain biking trails in Santa Cruz’s best coniferous rainforest.

• Hone your skills: Reserve a spot in the Trek Dirt Series co-ed skills camps April 20 – 21, hosted by Epicenter’s Mission Street store. (Pssst … registration opens February 1!) Whether you are a beginner or advanced rider, there’s always something to learn that will give you more confidence and enjoyment of the trails.

• Try something new: Thinking of getting radical with a new cycling discipline? You’re a confirmed roadie but curious to give the dirt trails a go? Or roots and rocks are your thing but wouldn’t it be nice to take a nice spin on Santa Cruz County’s back roads sometimes? Epicenter’s knowledgeable crew will set you up with a demo bike, and we can even come along for the ride with you to offer pointers.

• Ditch your car: Resolve to decrease your carbon footprint. Try an electric bike for up 48 hours, take it on your usual commute and daily errands … we’ll help you discover just how easy it is to get around by e-bike and lose the parking and traffic woes. WARNING: biking to work will make your day more energetic.

• Care for your bike: Let this year be the year you keep your bike in tip-top shape. If you purchased your bike at Epicenter, it came with unlimited free tune-ups for the life of the bike … make those appointments! And our mechanics are always happy to show you ways you can take care of your bike at home, too.

• Be safe: Take your safety seriously this year and forevermore. Bike lights, helmets, and reflective/hi vis apparel and gear save lives. Learn about the options and make a commitment to keep yourself SAFE.

• Treat yourself: “New Year, New You.” Carve out time to ride your bike … meet new friends by getting involved with local cycling groups (such as Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County Cycling Club, and Bike Santa Cruz County) … reward yourself for, well, just being YOU by getting a new kit to keep you feeling fresh. Whatever makes you feel happy and centered … get out there and do it!

Happy New Year to all! Now ... go ride your bike!

Mallory Mae is the latest addition to the Epicenter Cycling crew. You’ll find Mallory driving the shuttle and building bikes, and in her “spare” time she’ll be writing fun articles for your reading pleasure! Feel free to drop Mallory a note at mmae@epicentercycling.com.