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Epicenter Cycling, with bike shops in Santa Cruz and in Aptos, is your home for Trek bicycles, electric bicycles, bicycle rentals, bicycle repairs, bicycle fitting, and bicycle service. We carry electric bikes, pedal-assist bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, urban bikes, comfort bikes, dirt jumpers, women's bikes, kids' bikes and beach cruisers from Trek Bicycles, Electra Bicycle Co., Vintage Electric, Blix Bicycles, Fit Bike Co., Wallerang, and Haro. Our friendly and knowledgeable crew is here to assist you seven days a week. Locally owned and operated by family and friends.

Your Local BionX Dealer

Let's simplify your life, with the BionX electric assist systems. You can convert your bike into an exercise machine that helps you when you need that extra little - umph. Or use the BionX system to help speed up your commute. Fly up steep hills with ease. Get more done, and get there faster. The BionX electric bike systems will leave you smiling more and sweating less.


BionX is the easiest and best way to electrify your ride! BionX e-bike systems attach easily to almost every size and style of bicycle to give you a boost of electric assist when and where you need it. The BionX system is powerful enough that you will be able to tackle any hill or long distance with ease, yet light enough that your bike still feels like a bike.

You can install a BionX e-bike system on a bicycle you already ride and love, or visit one of our shops to purchase a brand new bike powered by BionX.

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Proportional Assist

4 levels that work seamlessly with you, offering a safe, natural-feeling ride.

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Regenerative Braking

control your descents and recharge the battery as you ride

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by keeping our systems as light as possible your electric bike still feels like a bike.

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Long Range

commute with confidence thanks to our high output batteries. Up to 65 mi. of assisted riding!

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Bike Types

easy retrofitting of almost all modern bikes into e-bikes.

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Noise & Vibration Free

noise and vibration free motor, so your bike stays a bike and you can enjoy your ride.


Powerful lithium-ion (Li-Ion) technology in a lightweight package


BionX torque-sensing technology gives you a boost of electric assist when you need it


The brains of the BionX system. Multiple functions and ergonomic design put you in control

BionX is recognized as a leader in e-bike technology the world over. Our smooth, seamless proportional electric assist technology is unlike anything else. So it’s not surprising that many of the world’s leading bicycle manufacturers and distributors have partnered with BionX for the technology that goes into their e-bikes.

Ride Faster. Ride Farther. Ride BionX 

BionX e-bike systems make it easy for you to turn nearly any bicycle into a powerful and efficient electric bike. Our goal is to get more people to consider leaving the car at home, so BionX e-bike systems help you do more on your bicycle than you ever thought possible.
Want to commute to work in the morning without breaking a sweat? Or maybe an electric assist to help you conquer that next hill? How about some extra power to help you haul some groceries home from the store? Or maybe you’d just like to ride longer and farther on your weekend trail ride? BionX systems don’t change the way your bike functions. The system is designed to work with you as you pedal, giving you proportional electric assist when and where you need it.

Want a really great workout? All BionX systems come with generate mode, which gives you resistance as you pedal and charges your battery at the same time.

With BionX, every day is a new reason to ride!


BionX Sport systems give you the freedom of up to 105 km (65 mi.) on a single charge. Ride farther and do more!


With a long range of up to 80 km (50 mi.) BionX Touring systems are great for tackling either your city commute or weekend ride!


The entry-level Eco systems give you a great range of 60 km (37 mi.) at our most affordable price. It’s never been easier to have the BionX e-bike experience!

Our Mission is to use our knowledge and enthusiasm to support the cycling community and promote healthy lifestyles.

We accomplish this by providing,

  • a positive friendly environment

  • knowledgeable mechanics that want to help you

  • accommodating sales staff that will support you during every purchase

  • bicycle advocacy and community involvement

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