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Bikes Change Lives : Lawrence Saiyo

Go to college. Get a job. Get married. Have kids.

I was brought up with these idealisms, this plan to “succeed and prosper.” It is engrained into kids growing up all over the country.

I did terrible in high school, mainly due to daydreaming about single track and using my study time as ride time. I had no plans for the future. I just wanted to ride my bike. In fact, I still kinda don’t have plans. I still just want to ride. Because it’s the only thing I know is a for sure thing in this life.

I don’t get why people judge me - and others like me - for choosing to live this way. My father lived his life using the “succeed and prosper” method. If you ask my father: do you think you’ve ever been happy your whole life? Do you feel like you are really living, not just surviving his answer would be. “No.”

In observation of most people's lives, I see that they don’t have what they want from life. Most of them are buried in student loans and mortgages, divorcing their wives or husbands, hating their desk jobs, are in terrible shape, and they’re straight up unhappy. What is up with that? I don’t understand why someone would choose to live their lives with so much bad. They tie it up in a bow and call it “the American Dream.” They say that they’ll do things “someday.” Before you know it, you’re sour and decrepit. Don’t wait for retirement to enjoy your life.

Let’s just do this guys... Take your retirement early. Do something you really really love, for once in your life, before the chance is gone. Be with the people you really want to be with. Do the things you really want to do. Be the person you really want to be.

The person your bike thinks you are.

As for me? I’ve cut my losses. No college and student loans for me. No plans. I’m just going to ride my bike, through thick and thin, because I know I’ll end up on top (wherever that is) eventually, and have good work to show for it, and the passion to really appreciate it.

I encourage you to experience all the things your bike can do for you, because the chance will be gone before you know it.