Epicenter Cycling - Santa Cruz Bike Shops

Locally Owned and Operated with Shops in Santa Cruz and Aptos

1730 Mission St, Santa Cruz 831.423.9000 - 8035 Soquel Dr, Aptos 831.662.8100

We love bikes and are your one stop for all things bicycle-related! We offer electric and traditional bikes for purchase; rental/demo bikes; cycling apparel, parts & accessories, an exceptional service department, and a mountain bike shuttle service from our Aptos store. Owned by local Shawn Wilson, and operated by friends & family.

Bikes Change Lives : Skippy Givens

Long long ago in a land far far away, I was an avid cyclist. I bought a 1976 Motobecane Grand Touring bike and would ride endless miles around western and central Sonoma Counties. After basically riding that bike into the ground I moved to Santa Cruz to work up at UCSC.

I discovered a love for Mountain Biking but it was short lived as life pulled me into different directions. As the supervisor of the UCSC Cycling Team and by working at the office of PE Rec. and Sports I was around sleek fast looking bikes all the time. Something that laid dormant in me was struggling to emerge.

One fateful day I walked into Epicenter Bike Shop on Mission. After meeting the owner, Shawn, I took out a bottom of the line Trek road bike. I was very impressed. It felt so crisp and responsive. Worlds away from the old Motobecane of my youth. Then Shawn directed me to take out the Trek 3.1 for a test ride. "I have no business getting on a bike like that". Shawn told me that I have nothing to lose, just take it for a ride. Once I got on the bike, I had an epiphany. Wow, this bike is incredible! So fast, smooth and responsive.

As I came back into the shop from that seemingly innocent test ride, I was transformed. I now ride that bike nearly every day and have racked up nearly 7,500 miles on it. Thanks for the test ride Shawn! What was lost is now found.