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Locally Owned and Operated with Shops in Santa Cruz and Aptos

1730 Mission St, Santa Cruz 831.423.9000 - 8035 Soquel Dr, Aptos 831.662.8100

Epicenter Cycling, with bike shops in Santa Cruz and in Aptos, is your home for Trek bicycles, electric bicycles, bicycle rentals, bicycle repairs, bicycle fitting, and bicycle service. We carry electric bikes, pedal-assist bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, urban bikes, comfort bikes, dirt jumpers, women's bikes, kids' bikes and beach cruisers from Trek Bicycles, Electra Bicycle Co., Vintage Electric, Blix Bicycles, Fit Bike Co., Wallerang, and Haro. Our friendly and knowledgeable crew is here to assist you seven days a week. Locally owned and operated by family and friends.

Trail / 

This 29er is ready to help you tackle the steepest climbs and bomb the single-track descents. The Fuel EX is one of the most versatile and popular all-around trail bikes in the area. They say "you can't have it all"...  they are lairs.

Trail WSD / 

These bikes will get the job done and leave you satisfied. Or roll over the technical terrain with the Trek Lush. A bike named after the healthy green scenery you'll encounter on your epic MTB rides. 

Technical Trail / Enduro

Surfing the singletrack has never felt more confidence inspiring! With Trek's Trail/Enduro bikes, you can roll the roots, rocks and drops with goat-like traction. Climb up ahead? No worries there either! With the most versatile suspension settings on the market, these bikes are quiver killers: up, down, and all around.

Enduro /

Ever heard of Enduro? Of course you have. Trek enduro mountain bikes are up for whatever you're down for. They live for sharp turns, drops, and rugged terrain, and don’t sweat it when the trail pitches up. You've gotta go up to get down, and this bike can REALLY get down, up and over the gnarliest of trails.

Sport /

The rules of the road don't apply to you when you're off road. Rediscover your inner rebel, and get closer to nature with Trek's Sport Series mountain bikes. Explore off the paved path and explore the dirt world around you. Welcome to the world in the woods. You're going to enjoy it here.

Cross Country / 

Our tech loaded XC bikes are the lightest, smartest bikes on the trail. They give you the ultimate performance edge, so you can go as fast as your legs and heart will allow, and have a great time doing it. Just point these race ready rockets in the right direction and go.

Gravity / 

Trek’s World Cup winning gravity bikes are loaded with technologies exclusive to Trek, from incredibly advanced suspension techs to frame refinements that make these the lightest, toughest bikes on the mountain. Go big, race hard. Embrace gravity.

Fat /

Fat bikes offer a different way to ride. They roll over and through terrain where mortal bikes dare not tread. Sand and snow can never stop you, now!

Mountain Bikes...

Our Mission is to use our knowledge and enthusiasm to support the cycling community and promote healthy lifestyles.

We accomplish this by providing,

  • a positive friendly environment

  • knowledgeable mechanics that want to help you

  • accommodating sales staff that will support you during every purchase

  • bicycle advocacy and community involvement

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