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1730 Mission St, Santa Cruz 831.423.9000 - 8035 Soquel Dr, Aptos 831.662.8100


Hey Local Ladies!

If you're looking to avoid parking or lines for the shuttle, make it easy on yourself and the environment and BIKE to the event! Biking + the race= a great day outdoors!We are excited to announce that Epicenter Cycling will be hosting a "Bike Bar" where you can lock up your bike before the race ***you must bring your own bike lock if you would like to lock it up! 
Disclaimer (that comes off negative, but has to be said for legal purposes): Please note that Epicenter Cycling and She.is.beautiful is offering a space to lock you bike, but neither company is responsible for damages or losses to your bike. (Yes, we hate having to turn a fun thing into something so seriously, but it's a crazy world out there.) Epicenter Cycling's "Bike Bar" will be located just a few feet away from the start and finish line!