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1730 Mission St, Santa Cruz 831.423.9000 - 8035 Soquel Dr, Aptos 831.662.8100

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Epicenter Cycling in Santa Cruz 1730 Mission Street, Santa Cruz california

Epicenter Cycling in Santa Cruz, California

Epicenter Cycling in Aptos

mission pan

Panoramic view of Epicenter Cycling in Santa Cruz

welocome to santa cruz

Mural on the wall of Epicenter Cycling in Santa Cruz - By Stokes Signs

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Top Left: Children's area, Epicenter Cycling in Santa Cruz
Top Right: UCSC cycling team, sponsored by Epicenter Cycling
Bottom Left: Bear Development Team, sponsored by Epicenter Cycling, in front of our shop in Aptos
Bottom Right: Owner Kazia Pennino and her best friend having fun at the fitting station in Santa Cruz

*Owned by local cyclist Shawn Wilson and operated by friends and family!