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In addition to sponsoring Bike to Work and School, Epicenter Cycling is hosting a Workshop for commuting by bike.

Bikes As Transportation Workshop with Epicenter Cycling

Wednesday, May 7th 2014
1730 Mission St. Santa Cruz, CA
6 - 7:30pm

Epicenter Cycling is excited to host this free workshop teaches you everything you need to know about commuting by bike. Curious about bike commuting? Trying to bike for transportation? Want to learn tips and tricks from people who have been doing it for a long time? 

Epicenter will clarify the rules of the road and discuss equipment options, riding at night, biking with kids, locking up, and much more. 

The workshop will also feature a panel discussion including Andrea from Epicenter, Amelia Conlen (Director at People Power of Santa Cruz County), and local longtime commuters Gary and Rebbie, followed by a Q&A. 

Snacks will be provided along with great deals for workshop attendees on Epicenter commuter gear!