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Welcome to Epicenter Cycling! 

Our Mission is to use our knowledge and enthusiasm to support the cycling community and promote healthy lifestyles. We accomplish this by providing,

  • a positive friendly environment
  • knowledgeable mechanics that want to help you
  • accommodating sales staff that will support you during every purchase
  • bicycle advocacy and community involvement

Your bike from Epicenter Cycling will last longer... this is why

1. Your Bike Includes Free Tune-Ups for Life 

Regular tune-ups are one of the best ways to keep your bike riding longer.  By taking advantage of our free tune-ups, you are preventing unnecessary wear and tear which will extend the life of your bike’s components.  Your free Epicenter tune-ups consist of wheel truing, hub adjustments, shifting adjustments, brake adjustments and more.  This may sound like mechanical mumbo-jumbo, but for you this means more riding on a safer bike.  Scheduling regular tune-ups will save you time and money, while allowing our service team to stay up-to-date on your bike’s health!

2. Your Bike is 100% Rebuilt

This is the only way we know for certain that your bike is in top condition before you ride it.  One of the first things we check over is the wheels.  Often, brand new wheels need stress relieving, so to ensure their safety and longevity we fine tune the spokes until the wheels are straight!  We also make sure that each bike is adequately greased.  Grease is essential in helping your bike ride more smoothly, and can help prevent internal rust.  Then we check that each bolt is properly torqued.  Accurate torque is necessary so that the bolt and the components supported by the bolt are as strong as possible.  By rebuilding your bike we can ensure the longevity of its components, inside and out!

3. Your Trek Bike has an Amazing Warranty from the Manufacturer

Trek was founded in 1976 with a mission to build the best bikes in the world, and they succeeded!  Today they are leading the cycling industry and making the best bikes for all types of riding.  Another great thing about Trek is that their success is derived from research and engineering.  This means that Trek bikes are built to last, and are available in a wide range of price points, from basic to pro!

4. Your Trek Bike is Exclusively Eligible for Trek Care Plus

Trek Care Plus allows you to replace your bikes components for free when you wear them out or wreck them!  This protection plan can be added to cover repairs and replacements, as well as the cost of labor for 3 years after the manufacturer’s warranty ends.  If you use your bike to commute or if you ride often, you can benefit greatly from Trek Care Plus.  To read more about Trek Care Plus click here

These are just some of the things we do to make sure your bike is making you smile! We want you to experience the feeling of freedom that comes from owning a great bike. We will continue to go above and beyond so that you can enjoy life on two wheels!

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